Grants and Donations

Ways to give to Riding High Farm

Grants and Donations

Your much needed monetary gift benefits the many special boys and girls, men and women who ride at Riding High Farm. Riding High Farm is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and it’s programs rely on grants, fundraising events, individual and corporate donations and tuition to meet our operating needs.

The maintenance and upkeep of the horses is expensive. Riding High Farm spends almost $100,000 annually feeding and caring for the horses. In addition to the ongoing hay, feed, vet and farrier services, RHF staff and volunteers work hard to maintain and upgrade the barn and grounds to ensure the safety and well being of the clients, staff and horses. RHF strives to ensure that it provides up to date riding equipment and supplies for the program. The cost for this equipment can also be expensive. RHF receives NO government funding. More than half of the annual budget is met through the generosity of donors like yourselves.

Ways to give to Riding High Farm include:

Gifts in Honor of: Instead of gifts at a celebration such as a birthday or anniversary list Riding High Farm as the donation beneficiary.

Gifts in Memory of: Make a monetary donation in memory of a loved one who has passed away. Listing Riding High Farm as the beneficiary in lieu of flowers.

Company donation match programs: Many employers offer a matching program for donations made by their employees. You can list Riding High Farm as your donation match beneficiary and you automatically double your donation to RHF.

Donations toward a specific project at RHF– You can help support a specific project that is on RHF’s project wish list. Past projects include installing a wash stall for the horses to “shower” in, repairing and replacing fences, saddle and other tack replacement and a lift to get larger riders onto the horses. Click on the Wish Lish below and it will take you to our current projects that you could donate to.

“Horses Knead Love” is a way to provide a horse in Riding High Farm’s program with a massage. You can sponsor a specific horse or just donate a massage session ($35.00 donation) to the horse who needs it most. Massages are done by Loreen Pantaleone of Loving Touch Horseworks.

Click Here to download a RHF Donation Form

Thank you for supporting RIDING HIGH FARM and it’s programs!

“Giving Green” Programs at Riding High Farm

Riding High Farm has set up a few programs that allow you to recycle some household items and assist us in getting cash back for those items. Keep RHF in your thoughts during your next Spring or Fall cleaning! These programs include:

Rethink Your Ink– Drop off your empty ink cartridges and we turn them in to be recycled and receive money back for each cartridge returned. Designated bins are at the barn.

Cans for Carrots at Camp– Drop off your empty beverage cans only in the designated drop off bin. RHF will turn them in for cash that will go to support the treats and supplies we use for our Horsing Around Summer Camp.

Tech for Tack– Drop off your outdated or old laptops, cell phones, ipods or printers. We will turn them in to be recycled for cash to purchase supplies for our horses. Please call before dropping off these items.

Old for New– RHF conducts 2 Clothing Drives a year. The first one runs from May 1st until June 30th and the second runs from September 1st until October 30th. We ask that clean, dry, used clothing, bedding and linens be dropped off in sealed plastic bags at the barn during either of the drive dates. RHF will get cash per pound of clothing recycled.

Riding High Farm Supplies Wish List

In addition to monetary donations or recycling your household items RHF has a supplies and equipment Wish List. Anything on the list you wish to donate would be most appreciated.

Sponsor a RHF Horse

Go to our new “Meet Our Animal Staff” page and read about all of Riding High Farm’s special animals that literally pull all the weight in our program. Find a favorite and choose a special way you can sponsor that animal. Just click on the “Sponsor a Riding High Horse” subpage below and learn how you can be a part of the great works at RHF.

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