Meet The Equine Staff

These horses, ponies, cat and rabbit dedicate their lives to assisting individuals with disabilities with no judgement. They all have their own job within the program and their own special little personality quirks.

Once meeting them you may want to look into Riding High Farm’s Sponsor-A-Horse program. CLICK Here for more details on this program.

A.J.- Born in 2001, A.J. is a gelded Quarterhorse. A.J.’s rider found motor sports much more interesting than real horse power so his owners have agreed to let Riding High Farm borrow him for the program. A.J. is settling into his new role as a therapy horse and is enjoying an active life now. He is another of our younger equine staff members.

Brandon-Born in 1993 Brandon is a lovely, gelded Quarterhorse. Brandon is one of the long-time employees of Riding High Farm coming here when he was just a 4 year old. After a long career as a therapy horse Brandon has recently been semi-retired due to an old injury. He is still the King of the lift and if you have a camera he will make sure you get a great shot of him. He will also do almost anything for root beer barrel candies.

Gabriel- Born 1998 Gabriel is a gelded Arabian. After a career as a competitive dressage horse “Gabe”, as he is affectionately referred, was sent to Riding High Farm to finish his days out as a therapy horse. He is known for his gentle personality and smooth gait. He loves to be pampered like a show horse and he can usually be found grazing out back with his best friend “Blue”.

Magic- Born in 1994, Magic is a gelded Standardbred. Magic was adopted from the Standardbred Retirement Foundation by RHF. Known around the barn as the “Gentle Giant”, Magic loves giving lessons and is especially great with the farm’s older riders. Everyone loves his puppy dog cuteness although he is slightly larger than your average puppy.

Moose- Born in 2000, Moose is a gelded Standardbred. Moose was recently donated to Riding High Farm by the Ebner Family. He is still figuring out how life is here, getting acquainted with the staff, volunteers and clients. It is already evident that he is a perfect fit for the program. His dashing looks make him the “Prince Charming” of the barn.

Harpo- Born in 2008, Harpo is a newly, gelded Minnie. Harpo was rescued from slaughter through the Camelot Horse Rescue. A private owner then adopted, gelded and rehabilitated him. He now resides at Riding High Farm, hanging out in the front paddock with the mares. He is not any larger than a great Dane and has the cutest little whinny. Harpo is too small to be ridden but earns his keep by being a cute, unintimidating, groom horse.

Oliver-Being a rescued, feral cat from Animal Birth Control Rescue Oliver’s age is unknown. “Ollie” is our barn “pest control manager”. When he’s not out on duty making his rounds, he can usually be found hogging the heater in the office. When he first came to RHF he was completely feral and distrustful of humans. No one could get near him. Now, after much TLC, just try to keep him away.

Oscar- Born in 2011, Oscar is a neutered male Lionhead Rabbit. Oscar was adopted through Camelot Critters recently and is Riding High Farm’s version of a Wal-Mart greeter. He also is used on a limited basis for grooming experiences. Make sure you stop and say “Hello” when you visit the barn.

Now Retired…

Toby- Born in 1997, Toby is a gelded Quarter Pony. Toby found his way to Riding High Farm after his owner outgrew him. He quickly became one of the most popular rides on the farm and happily allows riders, volunteers and staff to dote on him. He loves his active life here at RHF and he is wonderful at his new job as a therapy horse.

The following horses have passed away…

Sunny- Born in 2002, Sunny was a Haflinger mare. Sunny (aka Heffalump or Sunny Bunny) She could be a complete goofball when she wasn’t working. Becoming a live canvas for the campers in the summer and being colored in chalk was one of her favorite things to do. The other favorite thing she liked was to eat, especially powdered donuts.
Sunny at camp

Angel- Born in the early 1992, Angel was a Arabian Mare. Angel grew up with Robyn, Riding High Farm’s Program director. It seemed only natural that she would follow her beloved rider to Riding High Farm. Angel’s sass kept us all laughing and gave her the position as the “Queen of the barn”. However sassy she was, she transformed whenever a rider was placed on her back, and her natural maternal attitude made her a favorite among the kids.Angel camp

Bella- Born in 1993, Bella was a beautiful Appaloosa mare. Bella was rescued by Timberline Equine Center after being neglected. Once they rehabilitated her and realized how special she was they knew the best placement for her would be here at Riding High Farm. Bella was a happy member of the Riding High team. The client’s , staff and volunteers all adored her and miss her very much.

Blue- Born in 1998, Blue is a handsome, gelded Paint. Blue was rescued and rehabilitated by the Kerr Family who then in turn donated him to Riding High Farm. Due to his past he is still unsure of how to receive kind gestures such as apples but he is quickly learning to trust the humans around him now. He is currently in training where he is the model student. When not at “school” Blue can be found grazing out back close to “Gabe”.

Lucky- Born in 1983, Lucky is a gelded Pony of America. Lucky is the oldest pony at Riding High Farm and has been here the longest. The volunteers joke that he walked among the dinosaurs, yet he acts his shoe size not his age. Lucky has also gained the nickname of “Houdini” since one of his many tricks is getting his stall door open. He expects treats when his work is done and is also a fan of root beer barrels.

Hawke- Born in 1987 Hawke is a gelded Pinto. Hawke went through a lot to come to RHF, including a flight through the Bermuda Triangle. He was always up for a trail ride and had an endless supply of willing riders. His sweet demeanor and relaxing walk made him a farm favorite.

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