Riding High is a non-profit and welcome all scouts that would like to achieve their high level of achievement like Eagle Rank or Gold or Silver award we always have sustainable project that will give back to our special needs program. We also offer riding and volunteer program to meet other awards requirements.

Click Here to read about a Silver Award Project

Our Program Director Robyn Struz is council approved to teach the Boy Scout horsemanship badge

CUB SCOUT DAY PROGRAM is also available… please see class field trip for information

Riding High offers this program to troops or individual scout.

In addition to learning how to safely ride and care for horses, Scouts who earn this merit badge will gain an understanding of the instincts and behaviors of horses and humane and effective methods for training horses. This is a 16 week course offered on Saturdays from 3pm-4pm by appointments.

Cost $300.00 per scout or $500.00 per Teams of Two max four scouts

Each scout must volunteer 15 hour to the program as part of the cost reduction
Horsemanship Scout Info

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