Wish List

Riding High Farm Program Wish List

Horse Supplies:
Treats –  Fly Spray –  Feed Buckets –  Water buckets –  Double end clips –  Horse shampoo – Whitening Shampoo –  Grooming tools
Cleaning Equipment:
Bleach –  Rags –  Papertowels –  Septic Safe Toilet Paper –  Buckets
Office Supplies:
Printer paper –  Printer ink –  Envelopes –  Stamps
Grounds Equipment:
Hoses –  Rakes –  Plantings/Shrubs –  Shovels –  Fence posts –  Weed Whacker –  Mulch
Bridles –  Lead lines –  Saddles –  Girths –  Stirrups –  Leather cleaner –  Saddle soap

Ways to give to Riding High Farm and be “Green”

Riding High Farm will also take the following items and recycle them for cash to be used to support our programs provide care for our equine staff and maintenance on our grounds.

Empty printer ink cartridges –  laptops –  cell phones –  ipods –  aluminum soda cans –  Horse shoes –  Dry used clothing/linens in sealed plastic bags

This is an easy no cost to you way to support the RHF programs and also help with the environment. Feel free to drop them of in their designated drop off bins at the barn.

Large Capital Wish List Projects

To donate to one of these projects complete and print out the donor form and specify that you would like to funds to go to a specific project of your choice. Click Here to Download our Riding High Farm Donation Form

1. The Lift Project– RHF was facing a possibility of having to turn some of our larger, more dependent clients away as the volunteer and staff’s ability to get them on and off of the horses was becoming too difficult to do safely. In the Spring of 2010 we were able to get temporary funding to complete this project but those expenses still need to be covered. The costs of this project include purchasing and installing the lift as well as building an addition and ramps that would house the lift.

2. Asphalting the Riding High Farm Driveway– Anyone who has driven on the driveway and parking lot after even a small amount of rainfall knows that this project was long overdue. The mud potholes could be quite cumbersome to negotiate even without hinderances of walkers or wheelchairs. With the paving of the parking lot it has improved the accessibility of our facilities and our programs.

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